5th World Congress: Vienna, Austria, 2004

WCVD Vienna 2004
Over 1.500 veterinarians and technicians from 56 countries and 6 continents met in August 2004 at the 5th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Vienna.
This year’s event took place on the beautiful premises of the “Hofburg Conference Centre”. A total of 45 companies from around the world presented their products and services in the dermatology field. Top specialists from different countries were invited to give lectures at the event. To accommodate the diverse backgrounds and interest of delegates, a significantly expanded programme was organized and offered at this congress. In addition to the traditional plenary sessions, free communications poster abstracts, workshops and continuing education sessions, several new features were introduced. These included special sessions for nurses, technicians, equine veterinarians, and dermatopathologists, as well as hands-on courses for otoscopy, parasitology, cytology and wound dressing.


DATE: 25-28 AUGUST 2004
president: DAVID LLOYD