WCVD Scholarships

Scholarship Lunch

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD) offers financial support to encourage veterinarians with limited access to continuing education in veterinary dermatology to attend the World Congress. 

The WAVD aims to promote the global development of veterinary dermatology and expects that selected applicants will use knowledge and skills acquired at the Congress to advance veterinary dermatology in their geographic region.

Recipients will provide a written report to the WAVD Administrative Committee with an outline of how they benefited from the scholarship and how their attendance was of benefit to their veterinary community.

Each scholarship consists of free, full Congress registration and an allowance towards travel and accommodation.


  • Must be a licensed veterinarian with at least one year, of full-time work in general veterinary practice.
  • Dermatology residents or interns enrolled in formal training programs are excluded.
  • Proof of residency in a geographic location with limited access to continuing education opportunities in veterinary dermatology.
  • Proof of adequate ability to write and speak in English.
  • Evidence of interest and commitment to the discipline of veterinary dermatology.
  • A statement of financial need.
  • A curriculum vitae/resume with a written reference from a veterinary associate.
  • A plan as to how their acquired knowledge will be of benefit to other veterinarians and/or veterinary technicians.
  • Will attend an official welcome WAVD – Scholarship Recipient Reception
  • Will provide a testimonial video (2 minutes) for posting on the WAVD website or a written report (500 words) to the WAVD AC within 12 months of attending the WCVD.

Past Recipients

The WAVD awarded 30 scholarships for the World Congress in Veterinary Dermatology in Bordeaux from a wide range of nations, including South Africa, Latin America (Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico and Peru) as well as Eastern Europe (Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine) and Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and China).

WCVD Scholarship Application Form