Award Recipient 2012: Professor Dr. Richard E.W. Halliwell

Dr. E. W. Halliwell

At the WCVD 7 in Vancouver in 2012, the second Hugo Schindelka medal was awarded to Prof. Dr. Richard E. W. Halliwell, another great-grandfather of veterinary dermatology in America as well as Europe.

Prof. Halliwell taught Veterinary Dermatology over more than a decade in the United States before returning back to Europe to teach in Edinburgh.

Professor Halliwell has not only served as advisor to multiple veterinary students, residents and graduate students, he also contributed his talents to numerous professional organizations. Among others, he was president of both the American and the European Colleges of Veterinary Dermatology, the first president of the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology as well as the president of the first World Congress held in Dijon, France in 1989.

He authored in excess of 100 peer reviewed papers on dermatology and clinical immunology and was awarded a Lifetime Career Achievement Award by the ECVD in 2004.