WAVD Scholarships for WCVD9

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD) is delighted to announce that the WAVD scholarships for attendance at WCVD9 Sydney from October 21 to 24, 2020 have just been announced. The scholarship offers financial support to encourage veterinarians with limited access to continuing education in veterinary dermatology to attend the World Congress. Each scholarship consists of free, full Congress registration and a 1000 USD allowance towards travel and accommodation.

WAVD received in excess of 50 applications, and twenty nine scholarships have been awarded.

Scholarship Recipients 2019 Geographic location
Adriana Sanchez Argentina
Agnieszka Pilecka Poland
Aleksandra Zvonnikova Estonia
Andhika Putra Indonesia
Anisha Tiwari India
Ana Carmona Columbia
Anna Blumberga Latvia
Dejan Milosavljevic Serbia
Glenn Lee Philippines
Gonzalo Pinelli Peru
Heidi Schroeder South Africa
Huberto Von Guradze Argentina
Iis Sulistiyani Indonesia
Ivelina Vacheva Bulgaria
Jairam Ramani India
Jung-Hun Kang Korea
Leung Nga Man China
Lily Gunawan Indonesia
Madhavi Awale India
Man Ling Chua Taiwan
Maria Klucjasz Poland
Mariya Bondareva Russia
Melisa Lopez Argentina
Nejra Subasic Croatia
Nikolett Sike Hungary
Sabrina Costa Brazil
Sharon Mbindyo Kenya
Silvia Samareanu Romania
Wei Yee Chan Malaysia

The WAVD aims to promote the global development of veterinary dermatology. We are genuinely motivated to help veterinarians that would not otherwise be able to attend the Congress with financial support. By providing this support, we are striving to achieve a sustainable platform for long term development of skills and knowledge in veterinary dermatology for veterinarians and technical staff in geographic regions with limited access to continuing education.