Asian College of Veterinary Dermatology

Asian College of Veterinary Dermatology

Established: 2005

The AiCVD is a veterinary specialty organisation established in 2005 and was accredited in 2016 by the Asian Board of Veterinary Specialties (AiBVS). The objectives of the college are to establish and maintain high standards in the specialty practice of veterinary dermatology by establishing guidelines for post-graduate education prerequisite to certification in the specialty of veterinary dermatology in Asia.

The AiCVD acts as the exclusive agency by which qualified veterinarians are examined and conferred Diplomate status in veterinary dermatology in Asia. Board certification by the college is granted by authorized, multi-year residency training supervised by Diplomates of veterinary dermatology in order to achieve a high level of knowledge and competency in the relevant field. This is accomplished via research projects, publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and successful completion of the AiCVD board examination.

The AiCVD co-hosts the Asian Meetings of Animal Medicine Specialties, a joint congress with the other Aisian veterinary specialties held bi-annually with the aim of promoting advancements in veterinary clinical sciences and providing the latest educational programme for veterinary clinicians.

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