Provisional Members

A major emphasis of WAVD is assisting with the development of infrastructure in individual nations and international groups for the advancement of veterinary dermatology. WAVD strongly encourages the formation of national and international societies of veterinarians with a special interest or further qualifications in veterinary dermatology in geographic regions not currently represented by a member organization (ESVD, ECVD, AAVD, ACVD, CAVD, DCACVSc, AiSVD).

The ultimate objectives of such organizations would be fulfillment of the criteria for full membership of the WAVD within a reasonable timeframe, and the activities should be consistent with this goal. Therefore, applications from organizations or groups with multinational rather than local activities in the field of veterinary dermatology will be given preferential consideration.

If approved, provisional membership will be normally for 5 years and at that time the organization will be reassessed for acceptance for full membership or maintenance of provisional status for a further 5 year period.

Guidelines for Provisional Membership - Please view here

To apply for provisional membership please contact the WAVD Secretary here


SLDV logoThe SLDV was born in November 17th 2011 in our first Latin American Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Cancun, Mexico. With an attendee of 243 veterinarians from different countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

Our mission is to group all the veterinarians interested in veterinary dermatology in Latin America. Our vision is the development of Veterinary Dermatology in Latin America


 Our primary goals are:
1.- Promote veterinary dermatology in clinical and no clinical aspects
2.- Raise the level of veterinary dermatology in latin America and improve diagnostic tools in dermatologic diseases
3.- Exchange information using reports of clinical cases, magazine, publications, books.
4.- Contribute to veterinary dermatology publishing internationally.

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