American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology (AAVD)

The AAVD was founded in 1964 in order to further scientific progress in veterinary and comparative dermatology. The mission of the AAVD is to promote the field of veterinary dermatology, in education, research and professional veterinary practice.


The AAVD achieves this by coordinating and funding research in veterinary dermatology and providing an exclusive organisation for individuals who devote professional activity to research, teaching, or practice of skin diseases of animals. The AAVD also furthers dermatologic education by providing meetings, seminars, and courses where results of advanced studies in veterinary dermatology are presented.

The AAVD membership represents a broad range of veterinarians serving in government and industry, private veterinary practice, academia, consultants, board-certified veterinary dermatologists and veterinary practitioners with a strong interest in dermatology. Membership in the AAVD is open to all veterinarians who are interested in veterinary dermatology and affiliate Membership is open to non-veterinarians who are interested in veterinary dermatology.

The AAVD organises the North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum, the annual scientific and continuing education annual meeting and co-sponsors the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, an international meeting held every 4 years.

The current President of AAVD is Dr Jeanne Budgin; the current Vice President is Dr. Rod Rosychuk and the current Treasurer is Dr Catherine Outerbridge.

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